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More special offers , Winterizing for bikes, ATV , Jet ski . $99.00

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At NEW ENGLAND CYCLE / MOTORCYCLE MARSHALLS, we are able to offer you some great extra services in addition to our wide range of  preowned vehicles and garage services.


Motorcycle rental SORRY NOT AVAILABLE
We rent out vehicles for various lengths of time and based on your individual travel plans. Don't have your own bike, but do have a license and want to enjoy the freedom of driving a motorcycle again? Well, you can rent one of our rental vehicles for a few hours, a whole day or even an entire weekend.


Interested? Then call us at . We'd be happy to tell you all about it and offer you some of the best rates!


Emergency road service
Your motorcycle won't start and you need help? If you break down, we'll come and pick it up. We'll find the problem and fix it. Just call us at: 914-536-0651


Biker events and excursions
We organize events and excursions for people like you who want to meet other enthusiasts that just want to talk shop and ride! In the busy season, we drive to a variety of destinations in large groups, charging only a minimal fee to cover the organizational costs.