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We are a trusted specialized dealership with a fun and friendly atmosphere. For us, it's all about talking shop, exchanging ideas and building personal relationships. Our passion for motocycles is right on par with our technical skills and expertise.


Our team is made up of expert motorcycle enthusiasts, which means we provide you with solid and expert advice with all the fun and passion for bikes! We give it our all so that you are satisfied and get the most fun possible out of your bike!



 Hi i'm Motorcycle Marshall , and i've been in business for over 30 years. Ive been riding motorcycle's since 1969. My first ride was on a Honda, and i'll never foget it. I've been hooked ever since. I currently ride anything on two wheels but love to be on a small Honda on a quiet country road. I'm ushally out and about searching the country for the finest pre owned motorcycle's i can find. If i can help you with anything at all just give a call and ask for me .

Phone: (914) 536-0651

E-mail: msmarshman@aol.com

 fax   : (718) 324-8957

Chuck F. Has 40 years in the business and is a highly qualified motorcycle and auto technicain. Chuck is a master electrical and technical expert. No screw or wire goes unchecked. Here he is  at work making sure everything last detail is ready to go before a customers new bike gets shipped.

Bobby B. B is for body shop. 15 years as a highly qualified technician and body work expert. for the number one in paint and custom work Bob is the man.